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MB12 packaging technology

With growing concern around the risks of mineral oils, scientists at the University of Dresden analysed seven packaging solutions. Their aim was to understand which option best safeguarded packaged food from mineral oil migration.

Smurfit Kappa’s MB12 technology came out on top.



MB12 has been proven to protect perishable food products such as rice, chocolate and cereals from mineral oil migration.

MB12 technology uses adsorption, a chemical reaction that traps mineral oils to keep food safe over time. It continues to perform – even when the packaging is folded or scratched.

This new technology can be applied to all paper-based packaging.

See how MB12 outperformed all tested solutions

Technical University of Dresden, benchmark study: ‘“Breakthrough” to a migration barrier? Coatings and adsorbents for recycled cardboard’

A small change with big benefits

Proven to protect

Adsorbs mineral oils that exist within the packaging and those that migrate from the outside environment.

Keeps your packaging processes as they are

No impact on packing, filling or supply chain operations.

Maintains your recycling credentials

Unlike coated board or plastic alternatives, MB12 won’t impact the sustainability of your packaging.

Allows you to stay one step ahead of legislation

Companies that act now are staying one step ahead of draft legislation, consumer protection groups and pressure from retailers.

How sensitive is your product to mineral oil migration?

Understand the factors that contribute to mineral oil migration being a risk and discover what you can do about it with our simple guide.

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