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See how the right shelf-ready packaging is proven to boost sales quickly and cost effectively, giving you maximum brand benefit where it matters most. At the point of purchase.

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Some of the world's biggest brands boost their sales with ShelfSmart.

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6 Steps to Optimising Your Brand Presence
See how you can leverage your packaging to let your brand shine where it matters most.

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Your Brand's Most Valuable Ad Space
Your shelf space could be worth €424,320 in media per year, per store.

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The Importance of SRP In Brand Growth
How Smurfit Kappa can help you answer Byron Sharp’s theories on shelf presence and grow your brand.

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Mastering the Point of Purchase with Shelf Ready Packaging
What do you get when you combine packaging expertise, great design and the insights of 40,000 shoppers? Brand growth.

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Smurfit Kappa Logo The 6 ShelfSmart Steps

Issue We identify any underlying issues that may be hindering your brand's shopper marketing presence and strategy.

Info Our innovative ShelfViewer tool, which holds almost 70,000 images, compares your brand's shelf presence against these other brands.

Insight Our deep consumer and retail insights identify what it is about your brand that will optimise and maximise shopper discovery, engagement, and conversion.

Solution Our creative designers, with the help of our Innobook tool of global designs, together with your brand intelligence, ensures that we create the most innovative and highly impactful shopper marketing solution for your brand.

Simulation Our inventive 3D Store Visualiser projects your brand in a virtual shopping environment, visualising and positioning it for testing against various different markets, channels, placements and personal need-states.

Proof Using technologies like online shopper research including eye-tracking, in just weeks we can provide predictive scores to support effective in-store execution leading to greater confidence for return on investment.

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Shelf-ready packaging presents a multimillion-pound opportunity to influence shoppers. This white paper draws on industry insights to examine:

  • Why shopper marketing is changing and what this means for you
  • How to disrupt shoppers' behaviour and improve instore conversion
  • How leading brands use technology to test packaging before it's made
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